Subscription FAQs

How many classes are there over the school year ?

Do the classes repeat throughout the school year ?
No. Each week our classes introduce a new exciting theme to enjoy.

Can i switch classes midway in the school year ?
Yes if your class leader is give notice of your request, classes can be switched at the end of each term.

What happens if i miss a class due to illness or going on holiday ?
You can offer your space to a friend to fulfil in your absence, or if your class leader is informed in advance and the space can be filled, a credit note will be offered.

What happens if a class is cancelled ?
Alternative classes will be offered or a credit note to use another time will be issued.

Can I join a subscription midway through a school year?
Subscriptions are only available up to the start of your first class in September.

What is the graduation party?
A wonderful way to celebrate our 38 weeks of fun play and adventure, with our MiniMonsters Graduation celebrations to capture the end to your exciting MiniMonsters learning journey.

Are non term time Minimonster events included in my subscription?
MiniMonster events are held during school holidays are not included in your subscription.

When does the 1st payment start?
The first payment is taken when the subscription is first set up. The next 9 payments are repeated on the same day of the month, for the next 9 months.

Does the subscription automatically renew for another school year?
No, after 10 payments the subscription automatically ends.

If you have any other questions, please contact Helen click here to email ยป